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Dear Ambrosia

Dear Ambrosia is an augmented reality romantic game based on a love story.





About: AR design / Game design / 3D design

My Role: AR game design / Environment design / Storytelling

Timeline: Fall 2021 (2 weeks)

Tools Used: Microsoft HoloLens 2, Unity 3D, Maya


Artists: Ruizi Wang, Hagan Miller

Programmers: Jimmy Chen, Jialu Sun

Sound Designer: Sharon Liu

Producer: Sharon Liu


Come and play in a world of marble royalty where you take on the role of assisting a marble prince win back his princess after forgetting their anniversary. Wear the HoloLens and tilting the maze to collect gifts like roses, a love letter and chocolates to impress your love. Present your gift and await her response. This is a single player AR tilting maze experience.

Design Brief

In this game, we created a tilting board game which allows players to control the main character (a marble prince) by adjusting the angle and inclination of the board. To increase our game's scope, we designed the board as a two-part maze. Inside the maze, the player can collect different items and try to find the princess. Furthermore, the storyline of our game is to win the princess heart back by selecting the right gift after discovered the princess.


3D Design

The game environment that I created in Maya.

flower pattern_edited.jpg
pattern 2_edited.jpg

Gameplay Interaction

heart interaction.gif

Final Production

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