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Rock Paper Scissors World Championship

About: VR design / Game design / 3D design

My Role: VR game design / Environment design

Timeline: Fall 2021 (1 week)

Tools Used: Oculus Quest 2, Unity 3D, Maya

A Quest 2 hand tracking game based on rock paper scissors.​






Artists: Ruizi Wang, Kayi Ng

Programmers: Lena Du, Hsuan-Ju Wang

Sound Designer: Zhiqi Zhao

Producer: Zhiqi Zhao


In this game, the player needs to win rock paper scissors to slap the robot, otherwise the player will be slapped by the robot. At the same time, the reaction of the audience will also change according to the result of the game. The side that wins the most wins the final victory. 


3D Design

Modeling and lighting created in Maya and Unity.


Gameplay Interaction


Final Production

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