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The keys of Obliteration

A competitive game for two players to play in a dark world by using the MIDI keyboard.


About: Game design / 3D design 

My Role: Concept art / Environment decoration / 2D design / Producer

Timeline: Fall 2021 (2 weeks)

Tools Used: MIDI Keyboard, Unity 3D, Maya, 3D substance Painter


Artists: Ruizi Wang, Sarah Kim

Programmers: Faris Elrayes, Lochlan Blford

Sound Designer: Max Cameron

Producer: Ruizi Wang


In this game, use the magic of music to fight for your soul in the wizard piano battle arena. The MIDI keyboard is your weapon. There are 88 keys and we separated them to two parts, each player will play on one side. Each player will have three souls. Press white keys can destroy your enemy’s keyboards for kill one soul and press black keys can move your shell for protect your own keys. At the end of game, two players will have chance to work together and fight for their soul.

3D design

3D assets that made for in maya.

snake 3_edited.jpg

2D design

Game logo and cover page I designed for the game.

LOGO (1).png
New title screen.png

Gameplay Interaction

keys2 (2).gif

Final Production

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