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Reverse is an immersive story VR game that commemorates the basketball player Kobe Bryant. It can bring users back to Kobe's brilliant life and provide users a virtual experience by interacting with Kobe. 

Project: Self-initiated

About: VR Game Design / Interaction design / Storytelling

Timeline: Fall 2020 (3 weeks)

Tools Used: Oculus Quest 2, PhotoShop, Miro, Illustrator, Blender, Microsoft Maquette



Progressively more films and games have brought sensual experiences to partic­ipants and viewers through the aid of VR technology. I explored the boundary be­tween films and games over the span of my project, trying to integrate a VR game with a film story to create a brand-new immersive viewing experience. 

When carrying out the research, I became familiar with "Sleep No More", the popular immersive drama, which differentiates itself from a traditional drama by enabling the audience to follow an epic tale at their own pace. ln this way, the public is able to experience the story in an in-depth fashion and resonate with the film characters emotionally. I truly found this drama inspiring. We both pursue more immersive work, shattering the traditional mode of expression and evoking unique emotions in people. I aim to facilitate an interaction between the viewing public and the characters, so as to enrich people's sensual experiences, generate emotions and leave a far deeper impression on them. 


2020 has truly been a year which we will never forget. l remember the level of shock I felt upon hearing of the passing of Kobe Bryant. It touched people the world over and it says much about his status as an American basketball icon. My original idea about this project is to go back in time and give people a vehicle to heal from their emotional pain. When I had this idea, I immediately associated it with Kobe's passing. As he is a household name and his achievements speak for themselves, many fans were hit particularly hard by this tragic news, especially given the surrounding circumstances. 

The Virtual Reality (VR) game I designed makes it possible for Kobe's fans to meet him in person, albeit virtually. Granted he might no longer be with us, but what better way to replicate what life would have been like with him still around? Peo­ple can better understand his relentlessness on the court, approach to life and then "Kobe" can bid a fond farewell at the end of the game. 

Design Objective

I hope people can recall the brilliant life of Kobe through immersive experience and better understand his achievements as well as the obstacles he had to overcome and become as resilient as he was. 


The entire VR experience allows users to interact with Kobe Bryant in-game through different game levels, allowing them to be highly concentrated, and this allows them to understand the narratives of the entire story more efficiently. To further enrich their experience, some of Kobe's quotes can be integrated into the game so his spirit carries on to the generations to come. Furthermore, people can leave messages to Kobe Bryant at the end. 

A Ideation.png

Information Architecture

The information architecture comprises four parts, introducing the interrelation between objects. narratives, interactions and timelines. The purpose of this design is to enable the viewing public to remember the legend to relieve the pain of their loss. 

I did some background research on his achievements and development and selected nine in­stances representing the most crucial stages of his life. The main thread that runs through the entire story is his rise as a great of the sport of basketball. As the story is told in flashback mode. the changing appearance of the basketball suggests changes in the timeline. 

Design Process

Different meanings of interactions are introduced alongside the five senses, and people can even play basketball with Kobe. The real body movements enable people to completely immerse themselves in the story-telling game, making the experience far more vivid and dynamic. 

VR Scene Sketch

These are the sketches of each VR scene. In every scene, users can interact with Kobe in the virtual reality experience. 


Final Prototype

The Scenes are made in VR with Microsoft Maquette. 

Final Design

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